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Liberty Partners supports clients across all industries and ownership structures with solutions tailored to their needs.

We invite you to learn more about our services:

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

We advise our clients throughout the entire transaction cycle, from the perspective of either the seller or the buyer.

Sell-side advisory (Sell-side M&A)

We initiate and execute the sale of middle-market companies. Our clients include family-owned businesses, corporations seeking to sell business units or non-strategic assets, and private equity firms seeking to acquire or sell companies.


Our solutions include:

  • Identification and enhancement of pre-sale value


  • Researching potential buyers and their buying motivations

  • Information memorandum preparation and data room management

  • Valuation

  • Vendor Due Diligence

  • Management Presentation

  • Transaction structuring

Buy-side M&A advisory (Buy-side M&A)

There are several reasons why a company would seek to acquire another business such as: diversification, a window in the market, geographic expansion, increase of market share, vertical integration or search for synergies.


Hombre leyendo el periódico

Usually, companies adopt a passive stance by analyzing the investment opportunities presented to them. Liberty Partners offers solutions to companies actively seeking to strengthen their market position and open new opportunities through business acquisitions.


Our solutions include:

  • Acquisition strategy design

  • Search, selection and contact of target companies

  • Valuation

  • Due diligence

  • Structuring of the transaction

  • Management of the offer process and support during the negotiation


Liberty Partners has collaborated with private and publicly traded companies, expressing an independent opinion of the value of their shares.

Our services support decision-making in the following contexts:

  • Transactions:

       ⁃ Mergers

       ⁃ Acquisitions

       ⁃ Split-offs

       ⁃ Spin-offs

       ⁃ Joint Ventures

       ⁃ Liquidations

  • Sale of assets (tangible and intangible)

  • Tax matters

  • Legal disputes

  • Employee Compensation Plans

  • Financial reporting

       (IFRS, US GAAP and MEX GAAP)

Fairness Opinion

For certain transactions, the investment banker is required to "certify" through a fairness opinion that the proposed price is fair from a financial point of view.


A fairness opinion may be required if the proposed transaction is subject to shareholder approval, if insiders are involved in the transaction, if it is considered financially burdensome or dilutive, or if the target company or selling company is listed on a stock exchange.

An objective and independent opinion about the price of a stock has the following benefits:


  • Builds trust among shareholders and interested third parties

  • Reduces risks associated with the transaction, particularly disputes that may arise

  • Reduces conflicts of interest between shareholders and management

  • Enables compliance with the fiduciary responsibility of the Board of Directors


There are many reasons to seek financing, such as to fuel growth, relieve cash flow pressures, or refinance existing debt. However, obtaining financing represents a challenge for most Mexican companies.

With a variety of financing options available, it is critical to understand which one is right for your business in terms of value generation. We have helped companies in a variety of industries analyze the most appropriate form of financing:

  • Guaranteed loans

  • Mezzanine debt

  • Leasing

  • Bank debt

  • High net worth investors

  • Private equity and venture capital

tres cubos
  • Capital Markets

       ⁃ Public placements (primary, secondary and mixed)

       ⁃ Public debt

Our specialists will guide you throughout the process, from the identification of the most appropriate form of financing to the final negotiation.

Private Equity Funds

In the last decade, private equity investments have increased their participation in the global economy.


A distinctive feature of these investments is that they are acquired with the intention of selling them in the medium term in order to obtain attractive returns.

Liberty Partners supports private equity funds during all phases of their investment life cycle; from the early stage by enhancing the value of their portfolio companies, to the maturity stage by assisting in the execution of the exit strategy.

Our solutions include:

• Search, selection and contact of target companies

Due diligence

• Independent valuation of your portfolio companies


• Exit strategy support

• Participation as independent directors

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