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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Clearly understanding the motivation behind a transaction is essential for planning and executing the M&A strategy.

Liberty Partners offers the swift response of a boutique investment bank and the strength of collaborative relationships that we have built with key financial players in the financial industry. In this manner, our clients materialize forecasted synergies and release hidden value in each transaction.


We advise our clients during the entire transaction cycle, from the buyer´s or the seller´s perspective.


Our solutions include:

Consulting for the selling side

We begin and execute the sale of middle market companies. Our clients include family companies, corporations that wish to sell business units or non - strategic assets, and private equity firms that are looking for an exit path for the companies that make up their portfolios.


>  Improvement of the Company before its sale

>  Investigation potential buyers and their motives to purchase

>  Preparation of information memorandum and virtual data room >  management

>  Valuations

>  Due diligence

>  Support throughout the transaction

Consulting for the buying side

There are various motives for a Company looking to acquire another business such as: diversification, an advantage in the market, geographical expansion, increase in market share, vertical integration or looking for synergies.

Businesses commonly adopt a passive posture analyzing investment opportunities that are presented.  Liberty Partners offer solutions to businesses that are actively searching to secure their market position and open new opportunities through the acquisition of other businesses. Our solutions include:

>  Designing the acquisition strategy

>  Searching for, selecting and contacting target companies

>  Valuation

>  Due diligence

>  Transaction structuring

>  Management of the offer process and support during the negotiations


M&A of businesses in difficulties

We advise our clients in the sale of businesses in difficulties during the restructuring process and commercial competitions.

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