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Corporate Strategy

A successful strategy focuses on the creation of sustained value for its shareholders and stakeholders. Generating consistent value in a volatile business environment demands preparation for the future, a formal action plan to react in a timely manner against any unforeseen situation, novel market conditions and competitive pressure.

Family businesses and major corporations require strategies to reach their short, medium and long term objectives. The design, startup and the execution of the strategy are essential functions for coordinating the individual initiatives of all areas. These contribute to the creation of an environment aligned with the goals and oriented towards results, to avoid possible confusion or pitfalls.

Liberty Partners has collaborated with senior management of companies from diverse industries to design/ revise their corporate strategies and successfully implement it through management control systems.

Our solutions:

> Strategical planning

> Design and implementation of management control systems


  • Financial planning (budgets and financial performance reports)

  • Organizational design and business processes

  • Design and implementation of balanced scorecards

  • Design of financial and strategic performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Design of evaluation and compensation systems

  • Transfer pricing as a tool for managerial control and continuous improvement of the value chain

We invite you to contact us to find out more about how we can help your company get ahead in the market.

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